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Watch the Videos and Listen to Award Winning Magician Talk About the Program, the Classes, and what Parents and Children can Expect.

Learning Magic Builds Character
The experience of magic is created only by performing for and interacting with other people. By applying the eight key traits of a true magician, your magic will be stronger. More importantly the same qualities can also build a successful life. Most often in magic, as in life, what you do is not as important as how you do it.


Always be on time. Always be kind to your audience. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Never interrupt or interfere when others are performing. Never say you know how a trick is done.


Practice, Practice, Practice. Always have a plan. Have everything set-up. Know your beginning, middle, and end. Be ready for questions like, “How did you do that? Can you do it again? I know how you did it.”


Be happy. Smile. Be excited about your performance. Use your voice and use hand gestures. Don’t be too loud. Have good posture. Sleep well. and eat healthy, so you have energy.


Introduce yourself enthusiastically. Remember you are performing your magic as a gift. Be Prepared. Know what you will say. Engage with your audience. Trust in your practice and have fun performing.


Never brag about what you can do. Always be ready to learn. Admit your mistakes. Listen to and learn from others. Be kind. Help others succeed. Give credit to others. Enjoy other people’s success.


Allow yourself to be different. Don’t take ideas from others without permission. Don’t be afraid to fail. Add YOUR personal touch. Creativity is developed and not something you’re born with.


Be your best you. Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Be truthful. Don’t blame others. Don’t try to impress. Know the goal is to entertain. Don’t try to make friends, just be a friend to others.


Be Authentic. Give without expecting anything in return. Be Creative. Create a memory: the real gift is the feeling they get. Be Humble. Don’t tell others what an amazing gift you gave.

Don’t Wait! Register Your Child Now!

We are currently enrolling children for our Summer Class (Purple Wand) which will begin in mid-July and our Fall Classes whcich will start in September (Green Wand).

The Regular Curriculum consists of 4 Courses (Green Wand, Orange Wand, Purple Wand, and Blue Wand).  After each course of 8 Classes the Children receive a Certificate of Completion.  If a Child takes all 4 Courses they receive a Graduation Black Wand.

  These courses may be taken in any order.  But Act Now Before the Spots are taken.  If you register by June 30th for the Summer Course and August 18th for the Fall Course you save $25.00 off the total Cost.  Register Now!