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Parents Please Watch The Video!

Kids Are Out Of School And They Are Bored!

Tired of Your Children Playing Video Games?

We Can Take Care Of That While Also Teaching Them Valuable Social Skills.

Learn More About What Our Curriculum and Classes are all about by Watching these Videos

Learn more about the Curriculum and Classes by watching this video.

Play to hear what Parents and Students are saying about the Program

Play to hear what Program and Activity  Directors are saying about the Program

This Online Course (The Purple Wand) will run for 4 weeks and meet two times per week. This course includes everything (ALL THE SAME AMAZING MATERIALS) that come with the in-person classes! The Classes are 8 sessions up to one hour each. These online courses will be Fully INTERACTIVE and will take place on your computer, phone or tablet using the popular Zoom app. The app is free.

Online classes will include all the great materials that are provided to the in-person classes. It includes all the custom tricks, top secret file folders and lifetime access to the video vault! I will be your child’s instructor for all the live, interactive sessions.

Our Classes will begin on July 16th. The entire cost for the course is $165.00 and that includes shipping and all the materials and supplies (However, if you register before June 30th save $25.00 off the cost of the course.) Don’t miss the deadline to get your child’s materials sent to you on time. Your child will love it and so will you!

You may also register your child for the next course (The Green Wand) which will begin in September (You will have the option of an in-person or on-line class in Septemeber and it is not necessary to have taken the Purple Wand course first).

Ms. Joy Skinner

Ms. Joy Skinner


“My daughter has never been more excited to come home and show me what she’s learned!

Ben Smith

Ben Smith


This has truly sparked something in my son’s life and has made him feel comfortable around other people!”